Comcast Cable Service

Comcast Welcome Letter 

If you have any problems with your cable, call 1 800 XFINITY or 1 800 934 6489. The local Comcast office is located at 10600 Tamiami Trail N #604, Naples, FL 34108(in the plaza by Trader Joe's at the corner of Immokalee Road and Route 41)

Comcast instructions:

Residents do not necessarily have to get new equipment if they already have a gateway and X1 devices. Many times owners think regardless of what they have, they have to get all new equipment. Even though owners pay the association for service, they still have an individual account set up in their name, with their own account number and contact information. Comcast billing system is set up for individual accounts only.

Before owners call in, it’s important that they knew either the primary phone number on their account or their account number. I know this may be challenging for some, but this can be seen online at as well. There are numerous options to login, if the login information is unknown as well.

When you call in from your primary number, the system will recognize it and say “Are you calling about your service at XXXXX” and give the house number. If this doesn't work, then that’s not the primary phone number on the account. The system would then ask for a phone number or an account number to find the account.

If the above information is provided, I would recommend answering the questions as follows:

     Q: “What are you calling about?”
     A: “Upgrade”

     Q: “ What services are you looking to upgrade?”
     A: “Television” then “New Equipment”