Front Gate Security Access

To access the Front Gate Voice Mail System, please call 239-592-7745 . If you are calling from your primary phone number you will no longer need to enter your password; just notification of your guest and time of arrival. If you call from other than your primary phone you will be prompted to enter your seven digit primary phone number plus your four digit password (pin) number. If your pin number started with a zero you have been assigned a new pin number of 1234. If you wish to change this pin please see David at the gate house.

The system does not have access via the internet. If you would prefer to use e-mail for notification of visitors see David at the gate house for instructions. You also will need to see David in order to make changes to your permanent visitor list.

Remember it’s the responsibility of each resident to notify the gate house for visitors, not doing so may cause the visitor to be denied access to the Strand.